My New Job

I am working again.  Not in a huge office for a large corporation like I had been for the last six years.  Nope, I’m doing something MUCH different.  I’m working at a running store.  A small place with four locations in NYC.  

I did this for a few reasons

1. Writing is very lonely.  I found myself spending hours and hours alone in front of a computer.  Do I love to write? Yes.  Do I want human interaction during the course of a day?   Yes.

2. I want to be part of a culture that is motivated, fun, and athletic.  These people are crazy motivated when it comes to running.  I am hoping that starts to rub off on me. 

3. Paychecks, it is nice to get them again.  As Kenny Powers puts it, “Dollar, dollar bill ya’ll”

4. I am exposed to retail.   A very new realm for me.  You meet all types, but most people who come into the store are very friendly and appreciative that someone is there to help them.  

5. I get discounts, which is good because I’m going to need a whole lot of running “stuff” to get ready for the NYC marathon. 


Another bonus, I like going.  I like the people.  I like not being in a cubicle and being engaged with different people throughout the day.   

Did I mention being the “largest” person who works there by about 40 pounds is very motivating?  Cause it is.  I ate broccoli last night.  Just saying.