Not My Wedding

by agoodnow

Beginnings that end. 

Because all that is not right must end and make way for new paths to ends that allow us to fully move toward where we should adventure.  

This end for me is a result of a beginning that is not quite so new.  And that is OK. Maybe I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Maybe I’m a little confused.  Maybe I understand what is best, but just not for myself.  Maybe it makes me think and maybe it makes me think too much.  Maybe, just maybe it makes me a little sad and a little happy.  Enough to set the scales in balance of emotion.  Enough to say it is OK for me to walk away, not hurt, not angry, and without too much regret, but there will always be regret.  Or a what if?  The idea of what could have happened.  But we don’t get a do over and we only have this one life.  So I’m not going to ponder. I’m not going to wonder how it went or what it all looked like.  But I do wish I didn’t know.  That I was ignorant.  That there weren’t questions in my mind.   I do hate the wonder.  


“Why can’t I…..”