Two And A Half World Diet – Update

by agoodnow

This diet works for me because I hate breakfast.  Hate it.  I think breakfast is the devil.  It has no place in life AND don’t get me going on brunch.  What a waste.  

Anyhow, the stomach rumbling has mostly stopped and my pants have begun to fit much better.  I went from my belts not fitting to TWO belt loops in.  Woooooooooooooo

Giving consideration to moving to Hawaii for the winter.  I don’t like cold.  

How about that All-Star game.  Wow did the AL suck.  Looks like it is a pitcher’s league once again. 

How To Raise a Stripper is coming along well.  Lots of good material.  Latest chapter – hitch hiking. 

Sam Summer don’t leave me now.

I like my new iPhone.  It just does so much.  I also think it is making me dumber.  I don’t need to think about anything.  Bah. 

I would like to win Mega Millions.  Just once.  Thanks. 

My Mom is awesome.  

The new Gaslight Anthem album “drops” soon.  I am pee my pants excited. 

Those are my random thoughts for today.