Common Sense Politics

All I want is a little common sense.  Just a little.  Not a ton.  Here are some things that I want from my government.  In no particular order. 

1. Keep you religion out of my life. I have said this before, I will say it again.  I am not religious and I do not want to be forced to live by religious values.  

2. Don’t spend more money than we take in via taxes.  Very simple concept.  Let’s not borrow money from large communist countries that fuck with the value of their currency.  

3. If you want to do something that doesn’t hurt anyone else ……oh let’s say…..smoking a joint or perhaps marrying someone of the same sex….the government shouldn’t get in the way of that.  

4. Don’t tell me I can’t buy a soda larger than 21 ounces.  If I want 22 ounces of Fanta who the fuck are you to tell me I need to buy two sodas?

5. Politicians need to stop acting like they are my friend or that they know me.  They most likely would not like me at all.  

6. Either provide healthcare or don’t, but don’t make it a fucking tax where I have to purchase insurance.  

7. Stop spending so much money on smear campaigns.  Use the money on things like feeding hungry children or sheltering the homeless.  Maybe paying back the Chinese.  

8. Let’s have the strongest military in the world, but use it only when it will keep American’s safe and/or stops the world from being taken over by Nazi’s.  Cause Nazi’s suck.  

9. I want more ugly politicians.  Perhaps ones that suck at public speaking.  They don’t all need to be beautiful people with perfect smiles who can sell themselves.  I want people who effect change, not who can sell me a 1989 Buick Skylark.  

10. Don’t tell me why I shouldn’t vote for the other guy in an election.  Tell me what you will do better.  Stop using words like “hope”, “change”, “believe”, “better future”.  

11. Term limits.  I think politicians should have to take time out of politics to live in the real world.  Then after a break (say two years) they can run again.  

12. Stop with all the entitlements.  

13.  Invest in our schools.  I don’t care what needs to be done to make them safe and to get the best teachers teaching, but this should be priority one for any politician.  

14. Stop monitoring everything we do.  I don’t need big brother watching everything I do.  There is a camera on every corner these days.  You can’t drive from New York to Boston without being on a big screen monitor at some Homeland Security facility.  

Not too much to ask.  Just pure common sense.  

If there weren’t so many skeletons in this closet I would run for office.