It's All Goodnow……

Arab Fall

Some guy made a video/film that upset Muslims.  He is an American.  Now Muslims are storming American embassies and killing Americans.  Nations like Egypt that receives $1.5 BILLION dollars a year in aid.  A nation we helped get rid of a dictator.  People smashing our buildings, lighting our flag on fire, and spewing hate.  For such a “peaceful” religion those Muslims sure turned to violence quick. 

We (by we I mean one dude in California) made a video about the Muslim religion – claiming it was a misogynistic (remember the female American reporter who was gang raped in Egypt last year?) and violent (please read a newspaper today or go ahead and check out events in September of 2001).  Boy, you guys are sure doing a good job of proving that film wrong.

So why?  Why do we as a nation continue supporting these countries that are so purely ignorant?  Why do we try to impose upon them democracy when they are slaves to a religious doctrine?  How about we spend the money we are giving them to…oh, I don’t know….school teachers?  Maybe doctors who treat people in low income areas?  Help the poor find jobs?  Just throwing things out there.  

Another thing……why are we letting people from these countries into America?  

I am tired of us being such a nice guy country and being hated everywhere.  Let’s just leave these places alone.  Protect our interests.  Stop using their oil.  Build up America.  



9/11 – Scaled Down

9/11 was a bit different this year.  It feels like after the 10 year anniversary last year there is a sense of closure.  You hardly see American flags decorating homes and automobiles as your did in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.  There aren’t the huge memorials as have been held in years past.  The overall sense of American community 9/11 spawned seems to have evaporated.  Again, we are a country divided.  Republicans, Democrats, and the rest of us.  9/11 now seems to be a day where service (mostly men) gather in their dress blues and get drunk.  Where a whole lot of fireman and cops who were probably in high school on 9/11 go into bars and expect free drinks and sympathy fucks from women.  I see this and it makes me sick.  Because that isn’t just exploiting your profession, it is spitting on the graves of men and women who died that day.  Hey, if you were there on 9/11, if your best friend died there, if you were on the force or in the department when 9/11 occurred – please, go have as many beers for as long as you can handle it.  You deserve to (kill/honor/deal) with those memories in any possible way you can.  But if you weren’t there and pretend to have been….it makes you scum. 

Every morning for 4 years I would walk up 68th Street to the subway station and one of the apartment buildings had two plaques with the names of men who had lived in the building and passed away on 9/11.  Each year on 9/11 roses and pictures of the men were put out in their memory.  I went out of my way to walk past that building this year.  I guess out of habit more than anything.  This year there was a white rose around both plaques, but no pictures, no notes, and it felt empty.  I am sure the families of both men have long since moved, their neighbors have probably come and gone.  Nice to see the building still honor their memories, but the scaling down of 9/11 was everywhere this year.  Maybe we are healed as a nation?  Maybe we have gotten over 9/11?  Maybe time has faded memories?  

What I know is that it worries me.  9/11 is a political date as much as a memorial.  A time for free drinks.