Arab Fall

by agoodnow

Some guy made a video/film that upset Muslims.  He is an American.  Now Muslims are storming American embassies and killing Americans.  Nations like Egypt that receives $1.5 BILLION dollars a year in aid.  A nation we helped get rid of a dictator.  People smashing our buildings, lighting our flag on fire, and spewing hate.  For such a “peaceful” religion those Muslims sure turned to violence quick. 

We (by we I mean one dude in California) made a video about the Muslim religion – claiming it was a misogynistic (remember the female American reporter who was gang raped in Egypt last year?) and violent (please read a newspaper today or go ahead and check out events in September of 2001).  Boy, you guys are sure doing a good job of proving that film wrong.

So why?  Why do we as a nation continue supporting these countries that are so purely ignorant?  Why do we try to impose upon them democracy when they are slaves to a religious doctrine?  How about we spend the money we are giving them to…oh, I don’t know….school teachers?  Maybe doctors who treat people in low income areas?  Help the poor find jobs?  Just throwing things out there.  

Another thing……why are we letting people from these countries into America?  

I am tired of us being such a nice guy country and being hated everywhere.  Let’s just leave these places alone.  Protect our interests.  Stop using their oil.  Build up America.