Marathon Training – No Beer

by agoodnow

Sober October –

Today is October 4th.  Exactly one month until marathon day.  I’m kind of ready.  I haven’t done all the long runs and I have spent a bit more time on the bike than I have on my feet, but that said I am in FAR better condition than I was before my last marathon.  And I do have another 31 days to get myself in marathon shape.  Also, I’m RELATIVELY healthy.  I have done a lot of foam rolling and core work so that has helped.  I only limp two days a week.  (I’m not kidding.  It was four days a week about a month ago.)

On October 1st I decided to abstain from the sweet nectar of the earth. Alcohol.  Beer in particular.  That wonderful beverage that most likely is responsible for 31% of my caloric intake.  I figure that cutting those calories will be moderately beneficial in losing a pound or two.  

Because I do want to beat my last marathon time.  That would be pretty fucking awesome.  4:13.45.  Of course, New York is a much tougher course, but hey….no big deal.  I got this.  

As much as I will miss beer, absence can only make the heart grown fonder.  (read: Andrew will be enjoying a Guinness on November 4th)

There is another reason why this is good.  I have a very important race in December.  One that I get very motivated to run well.  So much so that I may ask a certain “Shoe Elf” to help me prepare.  You see, a very good friend of mine was a track athlete at UConn and she always beat me in every race we ran.  Every distance.  It started to piss me off …UNTIL two years ago I beat her in a 15K.  Well that 15K race is on again this year and she and I are both prepping for it.  If I know her, and I do, she is going to want to regain her title of Faster than Andrew.  I don’t want to let that happen.  So if I can lay down a big base here and keep the weight down I figure that I can break 1:15 for 9.3 miles.  But we will see.  Cause I know she is running the streets of Brooklyn with a parachute behind her right now.  Me, I’m just not drinking beer.  I think it is a fair trade off.  

So with all of that said, I am off to run for two hours.  Not keeping track of distance, just time.  The Shoe Elf taught me that – he calls them Badger Miles.    (With the new watch I got for free from work!!!  I really do like my job)

*Please note the “Shoe Elf” is a co-worker. Also a sick, sick runner who eats whole chickens before races.*