Thoughts for October 4th

by agoodnow

I just wrote this and WordPress deleted it.  Not a happy camper at the moment. 

1. Presidential debate.  

Went well.  You sort of expected Romney to do well on the economy.  Makes sense.  I do think Obama made a couple of good points in regard to Romney’s tax plan.  Maybe a detail or two?

Like a contractor walking into your house and saying, “I’ve got big plans for your house.  Huge improvements everywhere.”  He looks around nodding his head.  You can tell he has a vision, but it is his vision NOT YOURS for YOUR HOUSE.  He says, “I got this.  Just leave for a month and when you come back everything will be perfect.”  Of course, you are the type who likes things like sports and you want a house full of Fat Heads of your favorite athletes and a pool table built into your living room.  So you hand the keys to the contractor and he goes to work.  After a month you walk into your updated home to find paintings of unicorns on the walls, a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, TVs have been removed in favor of posters from old Broadway shows.  And you are in shock.  “What the fuck is this?” you ask.  And the only response is that the contractor said he would make it better, but just not for you.  See, Romney is going to take away deductions, but for whom?  You don’t know.  I don’t know.  Is it the student loan deduction?  Mortgage interest deduction?  See this I want to know because it DOES impact me.  The lack of transparancy is alarming. 

But hey, Romney did well.  I won’t take that away.  He was poised and energetic after his vacation.  Good for him. The President did not look as good.  He looked tired – like he was running the country or something of the sort. 

2. Gaslight Anthem. 2 shows in November.  The only reason I will ever enter a mosh pit.  I am too old for them.  Much too old.  I do not like getting kicked in the head. 

3. Go buy my book (My Sober Year) if you haven’t.  It will change your life and I need to move into a new apartment.  If you already did….get a copy for your friends.  Great Christmas gift. 

4. Glad the Red Sox season is over.  Embarrassing.  Just get rid of all of them. 

5. NFL season is awesome, but I am still not a huge fan of the big hits.  I cringe.  It adds nothing for me other than time in between plays when they have to cart players off the field.  Wrap up instead of launching.  Who taught this generation how to play football, the guys who did ESPN’s “Jacked Up”

6. I got this huge gift bag at work.  It has so much running stuff.  It was like a Christmas stocking of gels, socks, hats, water bottles, compression socks, and a free pair of sneakers.   Love the job. 

7. Goal for November 3rd.  Weigh under 200 pounds.

8. Goal for November 4th.  Win the NYC marathon.  By win I mean run it in under 4:13.45. That is about how fast the Kenyans do it (I think)

9. I wan to go somewhere warm for the winter.  Warm and cheap.

10. Watched the movie Shattered Glass last night about Stephen Glass and his fabricated articles for The New Republic back in the late 90’s.  Does this look like it is even remotely true?  Come on.

Have a great day.