Sober October – Day 7

by agoodnow

One week down into Sober October.  No huge changes other than waking up and going to bed earlier.  And losing weight.  And having more energy.  And running longer.  And…..hmmmm…..

Notes from the week –

Work was good.  

Still looking for an apartment. If anyone knows of a 3 bed/ 2 bath on the Upper East or Upper West Sides in the 70’s or 80’s for around $1500 a month.  Let me know.  I’m sure there are several available.  Luxury building or brownstone only.  

Playoff baseball is great.  It is the first time baseball has mattered (to me) in a long time.  

The Patriots scare me.  A lot.  They can’t defend the pass late in the game. 

I’m tired of Republicans.  I’m tired of Democrats.  I really want the “Get Shit Done Party”.  

Looking into new venues for the beer company.  It has been fun to start a small business.  Difficult, but fun.

Finally decent running weather.  The humidity was brutal.  Next weekend I have a 16 mile run and that is as far as I will go for training.  The last ten miles will run themselves.   Yeah… themselves……

My littler sister is dressing up as a panda for Halloween.  I couldn’t be any happier with her. 


I will have more insightful thoughts later.  When I have more coffee.