Sober October – Day 11

by agoodnow

Sober October is going swimmingly.  Just swimmingly.  Actually it isn’t a big deal at all.  Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes (as much as I love beer) it is nice to take a break from it.  

Brief notes:

1. Those ExTenze commercials with Jimmy Johnson are funny.  My favorite part is that they can be picked up in both the “Family Planning” or “Vitamin” sections of your local pharmacy.  Where else might you find it?  The sports medicine section? 

2. I watched Eddie Murphy’s Raw last night.  Fuck is that guy funny.  The energy he had to do that show…..pure comic genius. 

3. Last night I went out to celebrate with a friend who got her massage therapy license.  And by celebrate I mean I watched everyone else drink while I rooted against the Yankees.  But it was fun to go out with the people from work.  They are all so very different, yet all bring awesomeness to the table. 

4. Speaking of which….one of my co-workers is a Guiness book of World Records holder…….for……..wait for it…..most bars visited in 24 hours.  He was part of a group of 13 visiting over 150 bars in a 24 hour period.  

Hmmmmm……..if you think that didn’t get the wheels turning.  See, here is what I am thinking….what is the INDIVIDUAL record.  You must drink a half pint at each location and it must be documented.  Over a 24 hour period…..I might be able to hit quite a few bars.  The wheels are turning. 

5. Getting excited for the marathon.  Less than a month away.  I’m feeling ready (ish).  Losing a little more weight won’t hurt.  Diet has been much better recently and I’ve been doing a lot of core work to get my body stronger.  We’ll see come November 4th, but at the moment I’m cautiously optimistic that it will be a good day.  

Bonus points if it snows.  I really want a snow marathon.  How cool would that be?  That way I could “blame” my slow time on the account of snow.  

6. How about that A-Rod.  Earning every bit of that $275,000,000 last night getting pulled for a pinch hitter who won the Yankees the game.  Good job buddy.  I hope you give to charity.

7. Still can’t embrace Mitt Romney.  Just too much of a phony.  The Massachusetts Health Reform he set up IS ObamaCare’s framework.  I don’t get why he can’t embrace that.  

8. Beer Company is coming along.  Nothing sexy right now, but a lot of planning stuff.  

9. I started doing 50 push ups everyday.  I’m not sure why that is important, but I figure it can’t hurt anything. 

10. I like this time of year.  But I don’t like what this time of year means.  

11.  I was thinking Columbia for a month this winter.  Inexpensive. Warm. Beaches.