The Goodnow Doctrine

by agoodnow

I am starting a political party.  I figure that in four years I can get a decent grass roots following.  It needs to happen.  It is based on common sense. Here are the basic principals:

a. Do what is best for the people who elected you.

b. Keep church and state separate.

c. Balance the check book.

d. Invest in America (I don’t get why the current administration’s investment into AMERICAN clean energy companies is being villified by Republicans.  Shouldn’t we take risks on American start-ups?)

e. Completely revamp foreign policy.  

f. Listen to people – not corporations.

g. Work with public unions in order to restructure (not remove) entitlements moving forward.  

h. The War on Drugs has to end.  Jailing so many non-violent pot dealers is costing tax payers WAY too much money. 

i. TAX BREAKS for any company bringing a call center or manufacturing plant to the good old US of A. 

j. A tax code that works for everyone.  Why Social Security is capped is beyond me.  The tax code is written to favor the wealthy.  It needs to be fair. 

k. Balancing a check book.  

l. SMART military spending. Not less.  Smart. 

m. Banking regulations.  I still can’t understand what half of the financial mechanisms used to today are for.  That scares me.  

n. Infrastructure.  Employ thousands of Americans to rebuild American roads, bridges, buildings, parks, schools, and playgrounds.  Stop building other countries.  It doesn’t work.  Focus on America.  

o. Education.  Pay teachers more.  Give them less in guaranteed benefits post retirement.  It will attract more people out of college while allowing them to prepare for their own retirement. 

p. Stop polluting the earth.  There is no such thing as “clean coal”.  It is coal.  I’m not a huge fan of nuclear, but it sounds to be one of our better options after wind. 

r. Invest in more water treatment.  It is among one of the things this world will go to war over.  WATER.

s. Support American farming.  100%.  Support small farmers.  I don’t get why this isn’t a bigger issue. 

t. We must fix health care.  I don’t have the answers, but I sure want someone to figure this out.  Too many people wait too long to get a check up because they don’t have coverage.  

u. Huge push to lower the obesity epidemic in the USA.  Start with school lunch.  

v. Secure our ports, borders, and airports.  

w. Stop giving subsidies to oil companies.  Look at Forbes…..I think a good portion of the top 10 in the Fortune 500 are oil companies.  Why does the government need to give them more money?  Invest those BILLIONS into our mounting debt or public schools.  

I think this is all common sense. Why can’t we get together on these issues?  Why have we gone to such extremes?  There is a middle ground.  I promise.  I think we should find it.