Sober October – Day 14

by agoodnow

So I ran 19 miles yesterday morning.  That is the second farthest I have ever run.  It was a nice little day – cool, sunny, no humidity.  I will, however, say this….I felt really weird at a couple of points.  I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep, being dehydrated, or needing a bigger breakfast, but I felt woozy a couple of times.  A good lesson for marathon day.  More food before run and more water during run. Sounds simple.


After my 19 miles I went to work.  For the last 5 hours of the day there were 3 of us.  That isn’t a HUGE deal, but it did make for being busy – which is great.  I love when the store is busy, makes the time fly by, but I sure was tired by the end of the day.  


I got home after a terrible train ride where we were delayed for a half hour (one guy wearing a fur hat was very vocal in his dismay the delay….so much where he got up and pranced up to see the conductor and give him a piece of his mind.  Because that was going to work so well.  Clearly the conductor wants a delay so that he can go home late.  We began moving ten minutes later.  Good job guy.)

After the train I got back home and watch the Yankee game, which was ridiculous.  Raul Ibanez?  Where did this come from?  I have a feeling Jeter going down will either be a rallying cry or a reason to pack it up. A-Rod is worth every penny of that $275,000,000.  Clutch performer.  Also, a whopping 34 homeruns…IN THE LAST TWO YEARS.  How can any GM give another player a contract worth huge money like that?  These guys disappear as they get older.  Anyhow, the Yankees lost and it made me happy.


Woke up today and I don’t hurt nearly as much as I expected.  Not saying I feel like running, but I can walk  so that is a positive.  

Calculated how many calories I burned yesterday during the run……3,100.  I think that earns me a bowl of brown rice with olive oil.  

Today marks two weeks into Sober October.  Feel good.  Shedding some pounds.  Glad I decided to do it before the marathon.  It sure can’t hurt…I don’t think.

My next goal –  Beat Kiley in a 15k

Goal after that – Half Marathon.  To dominate one.  I want to beat my half PR by 5 minutes.  (ie. do one on a flat course)


Hope you have a great Sunday, one that it involves football, selling lots of running shoes (for the shoe elves out there), a long run, or drinking beer.  You know, all the good things in life.