Best Day Ever

What was the best day of your life?

Good question.  Makes you reflect on what made it such a day as to be the pinnacle.  So I ask, what was yours?

I have some top days………..

The day I finished my first marathon.  I was going through a tough time dealing with a break up, I was unhappy at my job, and everything felt grey.  I hadn’t been running much.  I went to Philadelphia to run a half marathon and ended up running the whole thing.  I needed a win.  I got one in the form of a 26.2 mile run.  

The day I quit my corporate job.  It simply wasn’t for me.  I knew I would never be fulfilled or happy sitting in a cubicle.  So I stopped doing it. 

The day finished my book/ The day I published my book/ The day I held a copy of my book in my hand for the first time…………all good days.  

The day my brewery debuted


There will be more great days.  More bad days….but moving forward I’m hoping they trend up.