NYC Marathon Prep

My thoughts as the marathon is 17 days away.

1. I think I’m ready……….to let my left leg rest for a minute or two.  I’m limping through the first couple miles of every run until it gets warmed up.  

2. Ordered my marathon shoes WAY too late.  Not that I don’t have shoes to wear because I do, but I wanted new ones that didn’t have fat Andrew running in them for the last four months. Fat Andrew destroys the midsole of running shoes.  

3. Under 205 pounds.  Five more to go and I’m at a weight where I feel comfortable running the marathon.

4. I have seen far too many people crying about being injured and not being able to run the race.  Fuck that.  Stop running until race day, go out there, run/walk/enjoy the race and have a great day.  This should be a positive thing not something you have an emotional break down over. 

5. I keep reviewing the course,  hills.  They seem to be the theme.  I just keep thinking that every pound I lose is one less pound I have to carry. 

6. Breaking 4:13.45 is a reasonable goal.  

7. I am sort of looking forward to drinking a Wild Birch Ale post marathon.  Wild Birch Ale is the best post marathon beer in the world.  BEST POST MARATHON BEER IN THE WORLD.

8. I need to get a shirt with my name on it…you know, so the ladies can scream my name during the race.  Very important. 

9. I want to run the marathon in less than double the time of the top finisher.  Sounds reasonable.  

10. The Shoe Elf is going to help me prepare for the race.  Only I’m not going to drink any of that damn beet juice.  

11. I’ve been carb loading my whole life.  Glad it is now acceptable. 

12. Apparently baby aspirin is encouraged.  

13. Think I might go full shave on my head. 

14. OK, probably not.  Too cold. 

15. I am pretty excited

16. To finish

17. My first beer after the race. 

18. Nip Guards.

19. Compression socks.

20. GU. Peanut Butter.  Lots of it. 


See you on November 4th.