Running Myself Sick

by agoodnow

I knew this would happen.  It happens to most people who train for a marathon.  Your body gets run down.  You get tired.  You get sick.  I woke up on Friday morning with a scratchy throat and it was a race against time.  

For the first time I think I was able to head off getting very sick.  Never before have I been so proactive in not getting deathly ill that it makes me wonder why in the hell I ever waited before.  The answer:

Hot liquids, ginger, smoothies, and no solid foods for a day.  Oh, and nighttime sleep medicine.   Wonders.  Wonders I tell you.  That and getting sleep.  Lots of sleep. 

So after sleeping as much as humanly possible on Sunday morning I went for my “long run” for the week which amounted to 7.5 miles.  Eh, not like I haven’t run enough leading up to this marathon thing.  I can skimp on the last long run by 8 miles.  No big deal.  

So here I am, less than two weeks out.  I have my marathon sickness close to being gone.  I weigh 201 pounds as of this morning.  Nothing is hanging off of my body.  Body parts hurt, but I think it wouldn’t be marathon training if they didn’t.  I am ready to do this thing.  Glad I have two weeks to take it easy and recoup.  Though I will say this –  I want this race.  I am ready for it.  My body is ready for it.  My liver is ready for it (three weeks without a Sunday Funday).  

I have got to get a t-shirt made.  Will work on that this week.  I have a funny slogan and a serious one.  Not sure which would be better.  I’ll flip a coin.

At 2 PM today I was running and it hit me that in two weeks from that exact moment (actually I take that back, we set the clocks back the night before the marathon) I will be a half hour or so away from finishing the marathon and that I would be in a tremendous amount of pain.  It made the remainder of my run much, much easier.  That said, I am expecting massive amounts of pain.  

I will say this….if I weren’t working at a running store, I seriously doubt that I would be quite so dedicated.  Surrounding myself by people who are so incredibly motivated has been something of a blessing.  It keeps me in check and keeps me moving forward.