Thoughts – Non Deep Ones

by agoodnow

Can’t sleep.  Here is what I am thinking….

1. That new show revolution is quite good.  Give it a look.

2. Marathon.  Lots of thinking about that. 

3. Glad a hurricane is coming this weekend and not next weekend.  Don’t really want to be running a marathon in a monsoon.  Maybe a snow storm, but not a monsoon.  

4. Donald Trump….come on.  Seriously, just stop.  You look like such an asshole.  On every single level.  Like a little kid yelling “Hey, look at me!  Look at me!!!  Hey, over here!!! Come on, please!!! Please.”  You are a billionairre loser.  

5. I spent the night writing.  I am all over the map.  May change the title.  

6. Hoping my marathon shoes got delivered this week.  Kinda need them.

7. I could use a mini vacation, but not a cruise.  I have no interest in a cruise.

8. The Red Sox……eh, I hope they get some pitching….other than that I am not convinced they have any chance. 

9. Meh

10. Stephen A Smith is an idiot.  

11. After the marathon I am going to work on being able to do 50 pushups in a row.  Feeling pretty weak these days.  

12. I am hungry.  Why oh why am I hungry at 2 am?