Jeans Shopping

I bought jeans today.  It was the first time I have purchased jeans in a couple years.  They reason why I had to buy jeans………my old ones looked like clown pants they were so big.  It was actually a bit disturbing but I could have used them for a tent.   They almost looked like MC Hammer’s pants.  Which is funny because my financial situation is probably a good deal like his in the late 90s.  Happens. 

So I went to the jeans store and picked out five pair to try on.  That for me is about as exciting as a digital prostate exam.  I hate shopping and I hate trying on clothes.  Not my thing.  I wander into the dressing room and that is when I saw it.  The single most horrible thing I have seen in many moons.  

The dressing room had curtains, not doors.  One guy had decided to get completely naked and……….and…………he did not close his curtain.  He was bent over…..the whole thing was….it is difficult to write about.  I just don’t know why the world has to be so cruel as to expose me to such a heinous site.  

The entire dressing room area had an odor that was not lilac.  

I have never tried on clothing so fast.  

I bought my jeans.

Got them home.

Washed them immediately. 

I truly dislike clothes shopping.