One Foot In Front of the Other.

by agoodnow

I was going for a run today, it was dusk.  The sun was fading and I was along the Long Island Sound.  The water was calm, peaceful.  Just ten days ago that wasn’t the case.  It reminded me how fast life can change, how circumstances change at the drop of a hat.  We have so much less control over what happens to us than we would like to think, but can prepare ourselves.  

I have no clue what the next week, month, or year will hold.  Last year at this time I was working 100% on writing a book that has sold a few hundred copies.  Before that I had quit my corporate job because I was miserable.  Looking back should I have been better prepared?  Yes.  I probably should have gotten a job while I was finishing the book.  The outside interaction would have been beneficial and the income would have made it easier for me to have remained in my apartment for a longer period of time.  

But I did what I did and I wrote what I wrote and today I can read a copy of my very own book.  One that I am proud to have written.  It doesn’t suck though I am pretty sure it will never be read in college classrooms, make it to a best seller list, or find itself on Oprah’s bookshelf.  (Because Oprah’s bookshelf is what every author aspires toward.)

I think because I quit my job, because I left my apartment, because I had to find another source of income outside of a major corporation – I am happier.  Would I like certain aspects of my life to change?  Yes.  Would I like to be back in my old apartment………maybe.  I liked it, but maybe it was time to move forward by moving backward for a minute.  To realize I had it good.  

The run continued, a quiet pace, not trying to break any speed records.  I thought about how lucky I am, how good things are ahead of me, and how I might make them happen.  One step at a time. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.