Prilosec Advertisment

by agoodnow

Watching TV today and I saw a commercial that has long disturbed me.  

Prilosec OTC.  

The commercial has Larry The Cable Guy in front of a corn dog stand telling Americans that it is their right to eat whatever they want without heartburn.  Prilosec can make that possible. 

Is this where we are?  Eat processed (sort of) food that makes your body want to reject it and take a pill.  If a food is causing acid to bubble up in your body maybe there is a reason for it.  Maybe you should change your diet.  Maybe you should stop taking pills to fix your problem.  Maybe you shouldn’t take medical advice from LARRY THE CABLE GUY, an overweight comedian.  I understand some people get heartburn and want relief, but encouraging eating absolute garbage and then fixing it with a band aid is so far beyond irresponsible.  That is a drug company saying, “Eat as terribly as possible so we can sell you drugs to combat the effects of the poisons in your body.”  Why don’t the drug companies sponsor hot dog eating contests?  

If the food you eat is causing heartburn, what else is it doing that your body hasn’t shown signs of yet?  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes?  

I can eat terrible food.  I’m sure most people do.  But for a drug company to promote the consumption of foods that are known to cause heartburn to push their product is, in my opinion, damn near criminal.  

The fact that the marketing/advertising of that sort works is a complete indictment to the American diet and our collective intelligence about what we consume and the adverse effect it has on our health.  

I’m going to eat an apple.