by agoodnow

My goal in life for the last few years is to be able to make a living as a writer.  That has yet to occur.  

I had the corporate job where I wrote whenever I could find the time.  I went to Europe to write. I spent almost a year not working to focus 100% on writing full time.  I then, perhaps because I saw my nest egg being blown away, re entered the working world in a capacity that I enjoy.  

In that time many people have told me what I need to do in order to become a successful writer.  Everything from blogging, the tweeting, to Facebooking, writing resumes, press releases, customer reviews……….

I know what I want to do…..I want to write books.  Maybe short stories.  Perhaps some opinions pieces.  And yes, of course, this blog.  

What I don’t want to do is to fill the internet with content I don’t believe in writing.  I have only so much time to write and I want it to count.  I want to write the stories I feel have some meaning.  I am 30.  I am not old, but I’m no longer all that young.  I am losing a perspective I had a better grasp of just a few years ago.  Youth. Inexperience. I want to capture that as much as I can in my writing before I get to a place where I can no longer remember what it felt like to have a world vision that was not skewed by a world where you are forced to hear loud opinion at all times.  Where I didn’t feel like I had to take an extreme view and instead look at something simple – like right and wrong.  Truth and myth. Seeing each of them twisted to a place where you are not sure what to believe or why.

I want to write books.  Novels.  Something a person reads and says, “That was enjoyable.” And then thinks, for his or her self, if just for a moment.