I Need An Editor

by agoodnow

I am starting the “clean up process” for the first half of the book.  By clean up I mean trying to catch 22% of the 1,255 errors made  (Low estimate) before I kindly ask a couple of people to edit.  For some reason I am terrible with spelling and, at times, capitalization (how is that possible?).  But it is getting there.   Plugging along.  I hope that, with some help, the editing process will not take me six full months.  Just the thought of six months makes me cringe a bit at how long it took me to edit My Sober Year and how many errors still existed.  Hoping to get this next one finished sooner.  Much sooner.  

One book per year.  That is the goal.  This one, with any luck will be done by Feb. 1st.  

First half printed of the book printed.   Off to Starbucks to re-read/edit/figure out if the story has gone in the right direction.  Which, at time, it does not. 


Off to work on the Great American Novel.