Odds Are…you do it for the likes.

by agoodnow

Odds are………

At some point in your life you will look around and think…..what the fuck is going on?  This is a good thing.  For example, as I write this I am sitting here, looking at the empty box of Girl Scout cookies that I just merged with my body and I’m thinking…..did that just happen?  Like some out of body experience.  The cookies just sort of kept moving toward my mouth with no real end in sight.  They were the chocolate and coconut ones.  A real treat for desert.

But that isn’t the only thing that has me wondering these days.

Who is the next Andy Rooney?  I’m being serious.  We need an Andy Rooney in these dark days of media.  Give me a 90 year old guy who is going to tell it to me how it is. No spin, no agenda, just plain and simple, “Why do I have all of these random items in the top drawer of my desk?” commentary.  Someone needs to pick up that charred torch and as soon as I figure out how to use the video function on this here computer device that is going to happen.

I’m just kidding.  I taught myself how to use the camera days ago.

There are so many cool gym concepts out there that it truly makes me wonder if any of them (SoulCycle aside) will make it big.  Rowing, running, cycling, more cycling, boot camps galore, and even gym class themed fitness classes.  Nevermind the big box gyms, the cross fits, the running clubs, the November Projects of the world.  If ever there were a time to get fit, I think it is now.

I walked 9 holes today.  Exercised.

Why are people so angry when they are driving?  I have taken the approach of “Take my time.  I will get there eventually.”  Unless they are on their phone and let a light cycle through.  Then I get a tad irritated.

What would the world look like without cable news?  Would it be like the Coca Cola ad at the end of Mad Men?  Probably not, but I would be willing to bet we might not hate each other quite so much.

The private prison system in the these free United States of America is a $70,000,000,000 business and some municipalities and states have contracts with minimums on how full the prison must be.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Tiger Woods.  Arg.  Do you just retire?  Maybe grab hair plugs.  Call Joe Buck, that dude could help you out.  I am rooting for him to be a great golfer again, but first I think he needs to be a better human being.

Will I ever not be connected to my cell phone ever again?  How did we get to this point in a very short decade?  Ten years and we went from independence to being connected. All. The. Time.  I wonder what it will do to both physical and emotional health as we move forward?  I’m sure there is a study going on at some university with ivy growing on the sides of buildings.  It feels like we have lost a sense of community, intimacy, and empathy and traded it for instant gratification, the ability to work more, and knowing what the score of the Western Michigan men’s baseball game is.  Oh, and the likes.  We all want the likes.