Driving in NYC

by agoodnow

You know what?  I like writing and I don’t get why I don’t blog more often. Life gets in the way, Netflix is so easy to watch, and I didn’t have a dedicated writing area.


I am sitting in my newly assembled black leather desk chair.  Not gonna lie, there is some real Dickensian content about to be produced up in here.

So for those of you who may have followed this blog 7 years ago when I wrote a lot, let me give you a quick update.

I’m back in NYC.  With a twist.  I have a car. I drive to work.  Daily.  Let me tell you a couple-a-three-things about driving to work daily in NYC.

  1. OOF – why does anyone do this?
  2. How have we not figured out that driving cars to work is just a bad way to start the day.  I’m not saying riding the subway is some magical journey, but at the very least I can listen to a podcast and not worry about some dude in a conversion van ending my life at any given moment.  I feel like I have to be on high alert at all times.
  3. This whole texting and driving thing is fucking nuts.  WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?  And how have the tech companies not figured a way to combat this?  I see it every day, I’m sure anyone else who drives daily sees it too.  Shocked daily that people are willing to drive a 4,000 lb machine at 60 MPH while sending a selfie of them driving said 4,000 lb death machine.
  4. People are mean.  Not kidding they get angry over silly things that really make no sense.   This applies to daily life and not just driving.
  5. When was it made illegal to use your blinker?
  6. Back just in time to listen to Mike Francesa on WFAN.  What a treat that is.  The Pope is back !  He loves listening to people call in to stroke his ego.  It is hilarious. That said, he’s the best in the business – this coming from a Boston guy.
  7. Double parking is nuts.  It should be a $1,000 fine and 47 points on your license.

So happy to be back in NYC.  Just waiting for them to install a tram for me to take to work so I can listen to my podcasts and ignore those around me like a real New Yorker.