Joe Buck is Brutal

by agoodnow


The US Open golf tournament was played over the weekend.  The course was difficult and players grew frustrated.  One player, Phil Mickelson, grew so frustrated that when he hit a putt that missed the hole he decided to hit the ball again while it was still moving and take a two stroke penalty than allow it to continue to roll off the green.  He was angry, he made a mistake, it happens.  He was way out of the tournament when it occurred, life goes on.

You would have thought that Phil Mickelson took his driver and started hacking spectators in the crowd the way Joe Buck was talking about it.  I’m not joking, you would have thought Phil was kicking elderly patrons and laughing at them or smoking meth between holes.  In the next 24 hours people said Phil should  have been disqualified from the tournament, that his reputation was damaged forever, and that he should apologize.

The guy is golfing, get’s frustrated, does something that requires a two stroke penalty, gets a ten on the scorecard, and he moves to the next hole.  That should have been the end of it.  For some reason people go haywire.  Maybe we are so desperate for breaking news and something to post on Twitter (I certainly did- I thought the entire incident was funny) that we make a big deal of certain things that don’t matter. Don’t people have anything better to do than just be angry and upset over things that don’t effect their lives?

By most accounts Phil is a good guy.  Great to fans, never been caught with a string of  call girls, and his wife has yet to smash up his Escalade with a seven iron.  He made an error on the golf course.  That’s it.  The idea that he somehow ruined golf or damaged the game is so outrageous that I truly wonder if in order for your ideas to be found relevant you need to say things that are inflammatory.

The worst part is that a narrative was started by Joe Buck who is announcing the Open (and I sincerely hope never announces another golf event again) and he has zero perspective on what happened.  He declared Phil Mickelson to have “lost his mind” without the benefit of knowing what Phil was thinking.  He took a simple misstep and turned it into golf’s Watergate.

I was turned off by the whole thing.  It made watching the tournament less enjoyable for me and was a bullshit story line that took away from what I wanted to watch – golf.

Show me someone who has never had a lapse in judgement professionally and I’ll show you my collection of hole-in-one balls (of which there are currently zero).   The person who had the worst weekend was Joe Buck – I’m not sure if there is bad blood between he and Phil, but if I’m Phil Mickelson and I see how Joe Buck spoke of me, I’m not going to be giving him or Fox a whole lot of my time in the future.