Emotional Support

by agoodnow

How about the lady bringing an emotional support squirrel on a plane.  That takes balls right there.  Also, curious how a fucking squirrel is providing emotional support?  Do you like watching it eat nuts?  Or running all over the plane terrorizing people?  Maybe you just like chaos and are a complete asshole.  Emotional support squirrel.  If 1975 looked at 2018 right now, they would crack open a can of Schlitz and laugh at us.

Kanye West was at the White House today.  Because crazy needs crazy to make him feel not quite so crazy.   I’m sure I offended someone there.

Pretty good chance that I’m not moving to Florida – ever.  Seeing how they seem to get hit with hurricane’s all – the – fucking – time these days.  That hurricane was crazy, the same way global warming is crazy and how crazy people don’t think it is real.  That Al Gore is a real dummy and even he doesn’t live in Florida.

When people smash their weights down at the gym (especially on machines) it doesn’t make anyone in the place think you are cool or strong, it makes us think that you can’t control the weight and you are a weak and inconsiderate human.

I promise not to complain about the warm weather – but wow.  WOW.  76 today.  October 11th.  We won’t have an autumn here in NYC (which is the best season), it will simply go from 76 to 22 and everyone will be miserable until we skip spring and it is 88 on May 14th.

How about that Bill Cosby guy?  How long does he last in prison?  Couldn’t the guy get laid without drugging women?  Real creep move Dr. Huckstable.

I had a head cold this week.  I drank enough OJ to drown a small elephant and fell like, well…not great, but better than I should, given I had to work a couple of events.