Food Safety

by agoodnow

I got Chinese food last night.  While waiting for my order a cook went to the rice cooker, stuck his paw in there and scooped up a snowball worth of rice and stuffed it in his mouth.  I just vomited in my mouth a little.  (That said, I won’t mention which one it was because it is walking distance from my house and it has never once made me ill.  I’ll continue rolling the dice with that place.  I mean, hell, I used to work at….meh, we won’t go there)

I’m just throwing out ideas, but I wonder what would happen if we had a one-day halt to all social media.  Better yet, no smartphones for a day.  I mean, up until ten years ago we were on flip phones and no all consumed with the 15 square inches in front of our faces.  TEN YEARS is all it took for all of civilized humanity to become addicted to a phone.  If that isn’t scary…

I saw this all over Twitter, but the whole Romaine lettuce is not safe so we throw it all away, but let’s keep our guns argument is both a false equivalency and a decent point.

The one thing that I won’t miss about the Trump presidency (whenever it ends) is that amount of noise.  It is just noisy.  Both sides.  Noise and hate.  It is nothing short of constant.  One crazy statement after another.  I get it, some people like him.  That’s great, but he probably isn’t fit to be running the free world.  It is crazy to listen to him blame everyone else and anyone else for anything that goes wrong.  There is something called accountability and he takes none of it.  It is an unhealthy thing to be teaching people.

I need to eat more vegetables.  Thanksgiving really – whew – my goodness.  Sure was a delicious meal with great people around me, but soooo much turkey and stuffing.