My Sober Year – Andrew Goodnow

The book is published! 

This book took me over two years (partially because I had no clue HOW to write a book). 

So I am sitting here in the Starbucks and I now don’t have My Sober Year to work on.  Well, I do need to market the book.   But no more editing (I’m sure I left a few errors in there), no more writing, it is done.  Uploaded.  Self published.  Hell, some people have even paid money for it.   How very exciting.

I will be honest, I’m tired. Publishing My Sober Year was taxing on a few levels.  Not knowing if it will be any good or if anyone will want to read it.  Fishing through all of the distribution channels.  Getting it printed.  Designing the cover even took an extreme amount of time. 

On top of that, I now have to get one of those job things so that I can have an “income”  so that I can “pay my rent”.  That is stressful.  However, I accomplished my goal (at the expense of my financial well-being) and I published my first book by the time I turned 30 (we cut it awfully fucking close on that one, made it by ten days).  I’m pretty happy with that. 

So if you want to check out a new book that is sure to make you laugh and (hopefully) think a little you can pick it up on Kindle.  It will be available in print next week.