Boston Sports Radio led to the 2019 Patriots Super Bowl

Have you ever listened to Boston sports talk radio? It is loud and it is angry. I can’t say all the time, but certainly in the mornings. When I lived in the Boston area I would have to change the station after about 16 minutes of the shouting and overall vitriol that would pour out of my speakers.

We have plenty of negative news to deal with on a daily basis, all I really wanted to do was avoid listening to NPR talk about the latest disaster in XYZ place in the world that is being destroyed by mankind and hear what is going on with the Red Sox. It truly is not much to ask. Instead, these guys would yell at callers, talk about how awful every sports team is, and how inept the players/coaches can be.

I bring this up not because I have some issue with Boston sports radio. I mean, I do, but I just don’t listen to them any longer. Instead, I listen to the intelligent and moderately level-headed NYC sports radio, but I digress.

I’m a Patriots fan. Love the team. It has been a rather fruitful past 19 years. However, I found something odd about this year. Despite the fact that they had been to the Super Bowl 3 of the last 4 years, they viewed themselves as underdogs. That the world felt they were washed-up. Their quarterback was 41 and didn’t have it any longer. Their star tight end was past his prime and could no longer make the big play. Their defense was too slow. The team began to play with a chip on their shoulder. But the only voices that were saying the Pats were washed up (other than the straggler of a talking head on ESPN) were the Boston radio guys. Inside of the Boston bubble, it was constant doom and gloom. And guess what, the Patriots players listen to that stuff.

Outside of the bubble – The Pats are doing it again.

Inside the bubble – The Pats suck and are done. We need to draft a new QB and start over.

Inside the Boston Bubble the hate, the anger, and the negativity (One Boston radio station has a sound byte from former Celtics coach Rick Pitino that says, “The negativity in this town sucks!” like they want to own the fact that they are the voice to negativity in Boston sports) simmered and bled into the Patriots locker room. The team united around the Boston negativity. They rallied. They banded together. They won the Super Bowl. My argument is this – the terribleness of Boston sports radio was one of the reasons for the 2019 Patriots Super Bowl win.

I guess I’m OK with that. Besides, I can always put on NPR.