Chicken Sandwiches and Battery Acid

Between my Twitter feed and NBC’s Nightly News (I don’t care what anyone says, I miss Brian “I was there” Williams) the world really appears to have gone off the rails.  A few notes about the world and some personal observations.
1. A guy threw battery acid at another man in Wisconsin. I don’t even know where to start with this.  So not only are you a racist scumbag, but you also carry battery acid around with you?  What in the hell would you use to store battery acid? (Yeah, I could Google it, but I will never have any use to carry around battery acid because, well, I’d rather drink a glass of wine at home and read the New Yorker than stand on the sidewalk arguing with some guy over how he parked and then throw battery acid in his face).  I guess the silver lining is that the victim didn’t lose an eye (that was my first thought) and that the battery acid wielding maniac didn’t have a gun.  Because, ya know, EVERYONE should have the right to carry a gun.  It is just common sense. 
2. The Russian spy who gave the interview on 60 Minutes was seriously disappointing.  I thought for sure she was going to have a little more dirt, but I loved that she dated a higher-up at the NRA.  Nothing fishy there. 
3. What in the hell is happening at Popeye’s Chicken locations around the country?  It is madness.  Half of my Twitter feed is “Fight breaks out over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich”.  Are they that good or do people just suck?  Also, can you please be nicer to the poor Popeye’s employees?  I don’t think all of this is worth the 30% employee discount. (I made up 30%, but it sounded about right)
4. Have you read or seen anything about Trump’s new “Spiritual Advisor” Paul White-Cain?  This woman is batshit crazy and frankly a con-woman.  Which, ya know, sort of makes sense for Trump.  Do people genuinely think this guy is a Christian?  I would bet every dime in my bank account that he cannot recite the Lord’s prayer.  
Here is a bit from the NYTimes:
But Ms. White cannot be easily categorized as either a political asset or a liability. She has a large following among Christians who believe in the “prosperity gospel,” which teaches that God blesses people he deems to be of strong faith with wealth, good health and other gifts.But many other Christians consider these beliefs to be heresy. And Ms. White’s presence in the top tier of Mr. Trump’s coterie of informal religious advisers has long been a source of contention with many evangelical Christians.I went to Catholic school for four years – I missed the bit where Jesus was talking about his followers getting paid.  That must be in the new, updated King Trump version of the Bible that he published via Twitter. 

5.  I realized that I haven’t taken a class or dug into learning anything in a while.  So yesterday I went to the bookstore and purchased a book about wine.  I’m not saying I’m going to be a master sommelier over here, but I would like to know a touch more about what I’m drinking and why it is good or bad.  If anything it can help me drink better wines for less money.  
6. What on earth was Bill DeBlasio thinking running for president?  We have massive problems in NYC and it is gross that this guy thinks he should be solving the nation’s problems when this city is turning into a sewer. I mean that literally as I saw an individual using a subway platform as the place for their morning “movement” a few days ago.  And I was like, “Happy Friday!!!!”
7. I’m just not as into sports as I once was.  I still enjoy it, but not the same way.  I think one of the reasons I have continued to enjoy the Patriots so much (other than the massive amount of winning) is that there is continuity.  For the last 20 years, I have been watching the same coach and QB.  I like that. 
8. I’m watching the Ken Burns documentary “The War”.  What an amazing storyteller.  Also, the more I learn about that war the more I get why that was “The Greatest Generation”.  That generation put down their iPhones and got to work when they needed to.  Imagine if we had rationing today?  People would lose their fucking minds.  Not having butter and sugar for birthday cakes.  Not being able to fill the car with gas.  People today would meltdown without access to the internet for three hours, nevermind not being able to drink their daily double cap, whipped, three pump, mocha, light, latte.  
9. Some of my favorite writers have taken to podcasts.  Which….is…I get it.  That’s where media has transitioned due to the fact that nobody reads anything longer than 140 characters (I will absolutely say that is something I recently recognized in myself and have been working to correct) But it sucks.  Bill Simmons, write something.  Thanks. 
10. I’m happy to be writing.  I don’t do it nearly enough.  Part of that is work because I’m usually exhausted when I get home, but part of it is that it isn’t part of any routine that I have.  And that goes back to recognizing that I’m absorbing information via Twitter rather than exercising the creative muscles.  
11.  Speaking of work, I genuinely like my job.  Sure, there are some tough days, but overall I like being in the hospitality/events business.  It has been a while since I liked what I did and it is a great feeling.  Also, working on the water is fantastic (I say until January when it is 14 degrees). 
12. Succession is a brilliant show and I’m so very glad that it is in my life.  The way I have changed feelings about every single character throughout the show is a testament to some incredible writing and acting.  Except for Marsha (who is brilliantly portrayed), I have always hated Marsha.  She rubs me the wrong way and I’m 94% sure she is a spy. Also, the intro music is maybe the best for any show, ever. 
13. I went into a puppy store the other day.  I did not purchase one which is because I have an icy heart that not even that adorable puppy could not melt. 
If you are reading this, I hope you have a fantastic day.  Cheers!