I stopped eating meat (chicken and red meat)

It just sort of….happened.  My fridge broke and I had to throw away all of the meat in my fridge.   So I stopped buying meat.  The next thing I know, I realized that I had not eaten meat for 2 days.   From there I just made a conscious decision to not eat meat for a couple of weeks.  Why not?  It can’t hurt anything. 

So here is what has happened in my “meat free” (not including fish in this) last 6 days. 

1. No more chicken on my salads.  I feel like I’m leaving something on the table at the “all you can eat” salad bar. 

2. I have had a few hummas meals from the Mediterranean place across the street.  It is good stuff.

3. Pizza.  Lots of pizza.

4. Pasta.  Lots of pasta.

5. I eat an orange and a banana for breakfast.

6. My stomach started to hurt during my long run (9.35 miles) on Saturday.  That usually doesn’t happen.  Could be meat withdrawal. 

7. Ice cream.  I now feel good about eating lots of ice cream.

8. My skin has cleared up a little bit.

9. No change in energy levels.

10. Have not lost any weight (yet)  Although that may be due to the influx of carbs I’m putting in my body.

11. Eating lots of Cliff Bars. (Cliff Bars are awesome.  I could live on them if I had to.  Try the blueberry crisp or oatmeal walnut)

12. No lack of strength. 

13. Definitely not taking in as much protein.

14. I did eat some sushi.   I’m thinking that is ok because fish scare me and they should die. 

15. I miss Subway. 

16. I’m going to a Ruth Chris Steakhouse in 10 days.  I’ll feel like a real dick if I order the salmon.

17. It can not be a bad thing to eliminate all of the hormones in the chicken and steak from my diet.

18. I miss chicken wings.  Mozzarella sticks are the go to bar food in their absence.

19. Mind you, I’m still eating dairy.  Vegans are stupid.  As a matter of fact, vegans should all be rounded up and put on an island.  They should not be allowed to participate in society.  I just wanted to make that clear.

My fridge gets fixed tomorrow, I’m putting odds at 2-1 that I buy lunch meats within 12 hours of that thing getting cold again.