It's All Goodnow……

Midnight Thoughs

1. This could be the nighttime cold medicine typing.

2. The whistler blower guy at Goldman Sachs never would have done so if he got a promotion.  Great 60 Minutes tonight. 

3. The New England Patriots need some work, fast, in their secondary.  Tough to watch.

4. I have my legs elevated right now and my feet are pulsing.  It is an odd sensation.

5. I feel like I have lost my way in writing Finding Ronnie.  It just isn’t flowing.  

6. I have so many book ideas it confuses me. 

7. Why are Republicans being so very nasty this year?  It is like in order to be a Republican you need to be hateful toward Democrats.  

8. I have a feeling that I could do something really cool this next year.  I am working out a plan.  A really good one. It involves travel, beer, and running. 

9. I have always claimed I will peak at 32. 

10. I should get going on that ascent. 

11. My vocabulary needs improvement.  I could use a “word a day” calendar that I will forget for weeks at a time. 

12. I will say, I love not working Mondays.  

13. I don’t miss wearing dress clothing everyday.  

14. If I had one piece of advice for anyone, try.  Try what you love, what you want, what you think will make you happy. You may fail.  You may end up with nothing……….but you won’t have regret. 

Running Myself Sick

I knew this would happen.  It happens to most people who train for a marathon.  Your body gets run down.  You get tired.  You get sick.  I woke up on Friday morning with a scratchy throat and it was a race against time.  

For the first time I think I was able to head off getting very sick.  Never before have I been so proactive in not getting deathly ill that it makes me wonder why in the hell I ever waited before.  The answer:

Hot liquids, ginger, smoothies, and no solid foods for a day.  Oh, and nighttime sleep medicine.   Wonders.  Wonders I tell you.  That and getting sleep.  Lots of sleep. 

So after sleeping as much as humanly possible on Sunday morning I went for my “long run” for the week which amounted to 7.5 miles.  Eh, not like I haven’t run enough leading up to this marathon thing.  I can skimp on the last long run by 8 miles.  No big deal.  

So here I am, less than two weeks out.  I have my marathon sickness close to being gone.  I weigh 201 pounds as of this morning.  Nothing is hanging off of my body.  Body parts hurt, but I think it wouldn’t be marathon training if they didn’t.  I am ready to do this thing.  Glad I have two weeks to take it easy and recoup.  Though I will say this –  I want this race.  I am ready for it.  My body is ready for it.  My liver is ready for it (three weeks without a Sunday Funday).  

I have got to get a t-shirt made.  Will work on that this week.  I have a funny slogan and a serious one.  Not sure which would be better.  I’ll flip a coin.

At 2 PM today I was running and it hit me that in two weeks from that exact moment (actually I take that back, we set the clocks back the night before the marathon) I will be a half hour or so away from finishing the marathon and that I would be in a tremendous amount of pain.  It made the remainder of my run much, much easier.  That said, I am expecting massive amounts of pain.  

I will say this….if I weren’t working at a running store, I seriously doubt that I would be quite so dedicated.  Surrounding myself by people who are so incredibly motivated has been something of a blessing.  It keeps me in check and keeps me moving forward.  


What a humbling…

What a humbling game this golf.  I have been down in Hilton Head, SC for the last couple of days playing the game of the insane.  I was once very good at golf.  Not great, but good.  Well, the last two days have shown me that I am no longer good….at all.  I have no control over the ball.  My short game is scary bad.  I can’t get out of the sand.  This list could go on for about ever, but I will spare you that list.

What I will say is that I miss golf.  I miss being good at it. Being outside, enjoying the company of others, drinking a couple of beers….I could certainly do that a couple times a week.  Beats a day at the office.

I get why people live in warm places.  I wore shorts and short sleeved shirt today…on February 16th.  Amazing.  It made me feel like a better person, maybe it was the vitamin D my body has missed.

Also, I need to get back into shape.   Golf drained me.  GOLF.  With a cart.  Yeah, exactly.  That is bad news bears.

I am down here with a good friend and we are staying at his parent’s home.  Wow, they sure are awesome.  We are having a great time.  Loving life right now. 

Ya know, I could move down here.  Maybe not Hilton Head, but maybe somewhere around here.  Warm, friendly people, golf, and hell…I can write anywhere.

I hope you had a great day -whoever you are reading this.

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