GOT’s Finale Thoughts

by agoodnow

That’s all folks….

Game of Thrones is done. Well, sort of.

I’m not going to recap the episode because if you are reading this you have either read all the reviews by now or simply do not care. I do, as always, have some thoughts on just what we experienced over the past 8 years or so.

  1. Sci-fi/fantasy came to the mainstream. The idea that people, in masses, would watch a show that had magic, dragons, witches, giants, and I’m sure I’m forgetting several other non-real world elements to the show, is something I never thought I would see become as popular as it did. But frankly, I think it is a bit healthy to imagine other realities, to dream, to but yourself in a place you could only dream of.
  2. A lot of people didn’t like the ending. Tough. It was a complicated show with 14,844 subplots and to wrap it all up in a neat bow was impossible. We got 8 seasons of never before seen, groundbreaking, feature film quality television. Sorry if it wasn’t the ending you wanted, it was the ending you got. Live with it.
  3. I have heard so much about a white male winning the throne. I disagree, I think Sansa was the real winner. She got exactly what she wanted. The North is its own kingdom and she is its ruler. Boom. Done. Arya never wanted any of it and is now the going to sail off the end of the earth….because the earth was flat back then. Dany, well, ya know, Dany came up tails with that coin flip and by tails I mean she decided to start burning a couple a few thousand people too many to death (that was a fantastic run on sentence that only made sense in my mind). Bran, meh…whatever, he’ll be cool enough as a king. Though the whole, “He can’t father children” thing…do we know that for sure? I mean, just because he can’t use his legs. Did he actually tell anyone his dick doesn’t work? Perhaps we jumped the gun on that one. Anyhow, maybe we don’t need to have a gender debate about everything. Real winners – Arya and Sansa. P.S. There is no more throne.
  4. Where the fuck did that dragon go? That’s got to be the scariest part of the whole ending. You now have a full grown dragon roaming the earth. And he’s in mourning.
  5. I’ll watch Where in the World Is Arya Sant…..sorry, terrible joke.
  6. Is Jon Snow now a Wildling? Is he the Kind of the “Real” North now?
  7. Fuck, we could use one more season to clear this up.
  8. Does this mean Tyrion can go back to drinking and making love to the ladies of the night now that his “crush” got stabbed in the heart and her body taken away by a dragon?
  9. Grey Worm turned out to be a real dick. I get it, he was angry, but he took his anger to a 1941 Germany place. Terrible pun with the dick reference.
  10. How many times was Tyrion chained up and grew a rats nest of a beard?
  11. Rather enjoyed Arya threatening Yara. She left no room for misinterpretation.
  12. My guess was the Arya was pregnant. Guess I was wrong. Figured she and Gendry would end up together. How very wrong I was.
  13. I’m not sure how many Emmy’s/Golden Globes this wins, but it should be a lot.
  14. I’m looking forward to the spin offs, there will be several.
  15. Not sure which TV show I will enjoy next, but I feel like GOT’s ending, the best of the serialized shows are over.
  16. What a great show and what an amazing mind on that George RR Martin.