Day 11 – Vodka and milk

by agoodnow

I like listing things. It is easier for me to keep track of my thoughts that way………….

I realize that I have not spent much time writing about the staying sober part of the last 11 days.  So here is what I have come up with.

1. I like drinking.  I don’t care what it is. While sitting at a bar yesterday I drank 2 pitchers of water.  Drinking is just as much a habit as anything else for me.  I would liken it to how smokers crave the feel of a cigarette between their fingers

2. Yes, I do miss it.  I savor the taste of beer.

3. Yet to see a significant drop in weight.

4. I just don’t like waking up.  Starting to think that with or without a hangover I have zero urge to get our of bed.  I tend to be groggy with a slight headache every morning.  Is that a problem?

5. I’m eating better.  Cooking for myself. Drinking protein shakes.  Salads.  Guessing that is better than deliciously greasy bar food.

6. Been to the gym or worked out 10 of the last 11 days.  

7. I was wondering to myself….ok, so I go 2 months without drinking.  Then what?  Is this just an arbitrary number or am I actually trying to make something of a lifestyle change?  I seem to do well when I stop drinking for a while, but then tend  slowly ease back into drinking nearly ever day.   Not sure how I feel about that.

8. I got a nice little Thank You note from my liver today.  It was very thoughtful.


I watched Mad Men tonight.  Thoroughly convinced that I would dominate life back in 1960.  Not a question in my mind.  Here are the reasons:

1. Lack of being politically correct.  Oh lord I wish I could say what was really on my mind at work.  However, if I did there would probably be some form of cause to fire me every day.  In 1960 I would just tell people that they were dumb and should most likely be getting my coffee for me.

2. Drinking.  I am good at it.  People did it a lot.  I won’t go into too much detail, but I would dominate a 3 martini lunch. (because I  have NEVER done that.  Ever.  Not once.)

3. No cell phones, no email, no twitter, no facebook, no blogs.  In order to communicate you did it via phone or (and this is such a crazy concept that I can not even believe I am daring to write it) people actually spoke to one another, in person.   They got off of their asses, walked into someone’s office or to their desk and they had discussions about how to solve problems.  They went to lunch together.  They had drinks after work together. People interacted with each other.  When they were with one another they paid attention TO EACH OTHER.  How many times have you been out with someone who is constantly checking his or her phone???? ( I am as guilty as anyone)  People at baseball games, concerts, at the gym, at work, on the beach….not paying attention to what they should be, not fulfilling their obligations, not enjoying life because of this need to feel connected.  We live our lives in sound bites.  In 3 line text messages.  In picture messages.  In chat rooms. On facebook.  On email.  Conference calls.    And you know where all of this has gotten us…tune into Jersey Shore.  That is where it has gotten us. 

After reviewing that last paragraph….more of a tangant than why I would dominate in 1960, but I think I’d do well with face to face interactions.  You know, over a 3 martini lunch.

4. I would love to hire a hot secretary. On  who would hang up  my coat and get me coffee in the mornings. 

5. I think they were a bit more lenient with the expense accounts back in the day.

6. Elevator men…..that’s just cool.

7. People were more polite.  They opened doors, pulled out chairs, put on coats for women.  I’m down with that.

8. Did I mention that I saw a guy pouring Vodka into his milk on Madmen?  Gross yes, but deep down I know I now have to try it. (On or after February 27th)

9. Top hat.  I would would look good in a top hat.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go to Brooks Brothers tomorrow and get one.


I now know far too many people who have a Snuggie.  It is scary and quite frankly a bit disturbing.


If you like sports get yourself a book called “The Best American Sports Writing of 2009”  They articles in this book are as well written and insightful as I have ever come across.  From MMA fighters turned bank robbers, to Cuban baseball immigration, to a dude cutting off his leg so that he could run again, to rock climbing, and beyond….it is a great collection.


I need a new phone.  Mine  just sucks and has stopped working on a consistent basis.  It is the Randy Moss of cell phones.  Just kind of does what it wants.


If you have not done so check out the band Gaslight Anthem.  Perhaps the best band I have heard in ten years. 


The more I think about it the more I’m pissed at myself for signing up for the death march know as a half marathon.  Stupid sobriety, causing me to make bad decisions.